Flies OnYa Skin


In this piece I wanted to portray the female form in an unconventional manner, depicting the “ugly”

side of women that is often omitted when representing the female form. the flies are used to convey

the woman’s perception of herself when she presents herself as she is, the natural qualities of her

form are so often shunned and viewed as “disgusting”. I wanted to play around with the concept of

women needing to look a certain way to be accepted not just within our society but also how

women are supposed to look within works of art. I furthered this idea through the use of charcoal to

exaggerate the shadows and create quite dark and bold black lines. The use of this medium adds a

grittiness to the work that I thought perfectly captured the message and emotion I am trying to

convey in this piece.

Artwork Info

Dimensions 60 × 50 cm
Artist Name

Sage Cuthbertson-Kerr