29 March to 6 April 2024 

Conditions of Entry

Please Read Before Submitting Artwork

  1. The 47th Art Show is for the display and sale of original artworks in the Hall. Works can include painting, drawing, printmaking, mixed media, textile, 3D sculpture and photography.
    All artworks entered are to be for sale.
  2. Entry Fees:   $10.00 for each artwork. Exhibitors may enter up to four (4) artworks. No work should exceed 15kg. Pairs will be considered as two works. Please be mindful that space is limited, artists with work exceeding 1m wide must discuss entry with Kelly Murphy 0449 803 865. email:apollobayartshow@gmail.com 
  3. Entry fees are non-refundable.
  4. All artwork must be original and not previously entered at the Apollo Bay Art Show ie not reproductions of own or another artist’s work, or in breach of copyright. The work/s must be the product and property of the exhibitor. All work must be signed by the artist.
  5. ENTRIES CLOSE: 5pm on SUNDAY 25TH FEBRUARY 2024.  Late entries will not be accepted. 
  6. All works (except sculpture) must have a firmly attached horizontal line (strings or wire) strong enough to support the piece. Artwork will not be hung if not secure. 3D sculpture works need to be stable and freestanding.
  7. The back, or base, of each artwork must include: the title, artist’s name and price (as submitted on the entry form)
  8. Artworks are exhibited at artist’s own risk. The Apollo Bay Art Show Committee takes reasonable steps to protect the works in their care but accepts no responsibility for damage or loss of exhibited works. It is the artist’s responsibility to insure their own works if required.
  9. The Apollo Bay Art Show Committee reserves the right to hang or display a lesser number of works entered by any artist if space is limited. (unlikely and has never happened)
  10. The Apollo Bay Art Show Committee reserves the right to refuse work for exhibition. Wet entries will not be accepted. Reproductions will not be accepted. The decision of the committee is final.
  11. Sale of Exhibits: The Apollo Bay Art Show Committee will charge a 20% commission on the sale of each artwork. Please take this into account when setting your selling price. Sale prices will not be negotiated with buyers. Prices given at time of entry are final.
  12. No amendments will be made to information on the entry form, after the deadline 5pm Sunday 3RD March 2024 
  13. When completing your entry form please note that a red * denotes a mandatory field. Fields without this mark are filled at your discretion (i.e. artist statement and images for each submission).