Blue Reflections SOLD!!


Reflections of the sky blue against the magenta and all that is in between.

Artwork Info

Dimensions 28 × 28 cm
Artist Name

Lindy McCann

Artwork Date


Artist Bio

Lindy McCann has been a lifelong artist, loving vivid colour and natural inspiration to paint. Lindy suffered a severe stroke 2.5 years ago, and continues on her recovery journey today. Even though her physical body is now severely restricted, Lindy’s creativity and inner artist has remained: Nevertheless, she persists. Whilst painting has had to evolve for Lindy, she enjoys the familiar slide of the paint on the page; the bursts of bright colours and the creation of abstract shapes and landscapes. The paintings created by Lindy hold a natural beauty within them, a persistent and emotional vibrancy. Lindy draws much inspiration from views from her house: from Marengo looking over to Apollo Bay hills, their everlasting ‘hug’ over the small township, beach and bay. Lindy draws inspiration from her love of her family. She lives at home with her husband Mark, their dog Coco, cat Jasper and parrot Inka. Lindy is assisted to create weekly via art therapy from local artist Danni Sandford.