29 March to 6 April 2024 

West Town


More of the little houses and shops on all the streets I roamed around as a child were the influence for this painting. I’m not so sure they were all as colorful as this but I would like to think that life for the families in them was cheerful and joyous.
Acrylic on canvas, framed in beautiful Tasmanian Oak and ready to hang.

Artwork Info

Dimensions 55 × 45 cm
Artist Name

Steve Tyack

Artwork Date



Artist Bio

I like to express life experiences through abstract paintings and in doing so want the onlooker to share in that journey of connection.
Understanding the link created through abstract art is like squinting at real life and creating a space in time where the connection is made.
Working from a home studio, I can gather my thoughts and experiences onto the canvas in a way that utilizes colours and shapes assembled together as one. There is always an image or two waiting in my head and subconscious that needs to escape onto the easel and be part of another person’s journey.