29 March to 6 April 2024 

Wattles for dinner 2


One late afternoon in the early summer, I heard soft movements in a large acacia we have in the garden. With the gentle rustling of leaves came the distinct sound of seed pods cracking. I looked up and saw a magnificent galah just above me, contentedly eating, softly commenting on its food. I raced back to get the camera from the house and happily found it still there when I returned. It allowed me to take multiple photos of it, not at all interested in giving up the wattle bouquet it had found.

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35cm x 45cm

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Rory Boyd is a senior school student at Apollo Bay P-12 College. He picked up a camera during the pandemic lockdowns to photograph birds in the garden and has been hooked ever since. He is quite a physically active young man, so this photography allows him still time in nature, quietly observing the movements of birds. He likens it to sitting ‘out the back’ waiting for the right wave to surf.