29 March to 6 April 2024 


The Bush She’s a Mess-Mate


Often as we drive down our track to the Yurt or walk the track each day we often caught by the light on the trees and the texture of their shaggy bark. I often incorrectly refer to these trees as Messmate my good neighbor Brian corrects me say really they are Stringy Bark, hard to tell unless you compare leaves and fruit. To get this image I wanted the viewer to be drawn into the forest of trees to experience the panoramic view while still feeling as if you were standing on the track being t taken in by the light drawn into the forest. To do this I shot from an elevated position to cut out the foreground and shot a series of images with a longer focal length (80-135 mm) overlapping to create a panorama from about ten images to get the wide embracing view that is shown here. The name is a bit of fun, ” The Bush she’s a Mess-Mate” with apologies to E. Baxteri

Artwork Info

Dimensions 155 × 40 cm
Artist Name

David Simmonds

Artwork Date