29 March to 6 April 2024 

Somewhere, a man with a funny hat and a suitcase


My interest in found illustrated story books inspired my sketchbook series titled ‘Here and There’ with the theme of a suitcase in the landscape. The work, ‘Somewhere, a man with a funny hat and suitcase’ is a page from the sketchbook it is a monoprint with stencil, collage and oil pastel printed on Inkjet Somerset Fine Art Paper. The original sketchbook was in the Brooklyn Art Library NY as part of the Brooklyn Sketchbook Project and unfortunately was damaged by fire, I have digitally printed this page and added collaged pieces to give the work a new life.

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53cm x 27cm

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I am best described as a mixed media artist using printmaking techniques, collage and oil pastel. Cutting, tearing and altering discarded work is usually the starting point to create mostly small works on paper or found materials, always inviting a closer look to discover what might be within. Inspiration comes from storytelling, observation of fragments of daily life and the surrounding environment both rural and urban. Lately I have an interest in using card and found materials to scratch and tear into using dry point type techniques. I do not have a printing press, so hand printing is a preference and often the rawness of the plate is what I like, using monochrome tones and leaving the card in this raw state often seems necessary in my response to what’s on my mind. 2 of the works shown is using this technique.