2ND – 10TH
APRIL 2021

1920s + 2020s lariat neckpiece


I’ve paired some divine hand cut crystals, repurposed from a necklace made in Czechoslovakia during the 1920s, with hand made chain links and finished with a solid sterling silver vintage fob medal. This piece has wonderful sparkle, shine and balance. The crystals sparkle their heads off when they meet the light and the weight of the piece gives comfort to the wearer. I oxidised the lower portion of the chain to marry with the patina on the fob medal and have highly polished other links to mirror the shine of the old crystals. The fob medal has a blank cartouche and I would love for the new owner to have their initials engraved, giving another layer of history to this piece.

Length: 86cm end to end

Materials: handmade sterling silver and oxidised sterling silver chain links, 1920s Czechoslovakian crystal, early 1900s sterling silver fob medal, black silk.

Artwork Info

Dimensions 86 cm
Artist Name

Jacqueline Betsy Lord

Artwork Date



Artist Bio

Jacqueline Betsy Lord’s work is created in her studio amongst the Otway forest. A lover of jewellery from an early age, Jacqueline’s work is created using traditional metal working techniques incorporating found vintage glass pieces and other objects. Jacqueline is passionate about recycling, repurposing and minimising waste in her work. She uses glass made for the costume jewellery and lighting industries over the past century as it is found. Jacqueline does not rework the glass at all; rather working with it in the form it is found by embracing the beauty in any perceived imperfections of pieces that have lived a whole other life before arriving in her Otway forest based studio.